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Out of the workday, into the officeBlu.

With us, you'll find carefully selected remote work-and-living spaces that combine professional work with a fresh-energy recharge.

Decide for yourself where your focus lies, and find just the right place for your goals:

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More freedom to improve health and increase satisfaction

Give yourself and your colleagues a regular getaway from the daily grind of the office:
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Join us now and change the world with us.

The increasing freedom to work from anywhere opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you and your location.
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You draw fresh strength best in quiet and sunny places.

The sunlight helps your body to release serotonin. This significantly reduces the risk of depression or anxiety disorders.

Serotonin, also known as the feel-good hormone, acts as a natural mood enhancer. In addition, it supports a healthy and restful day-night rhythm.

The vitamin D production in your body cells is also boosted by sunlight. This strengthens your bones, lowers your blood pressure and boosts your immune system.

In short, sunshine makes you happy, lively and healthy!


A tight project timeline, the new software has to be finished, a new client wants to be inspired ...

To master these or similar challenges, it is important that you can fully concentrate on the essentials. The right environment helps you avoid the usual everyday distractions and daily time wasters.

Your motivation as well as your concentration get an extra booster in places with lots of sunlight. Responsible for this are the two messenger substances serotonin ("feel-good hormone") and dopamine ("happiness hormone"). They have a similar effect on us as drugs.

Positive effect: The work goes much easier from the hand and the quality increases by leaps and bounds.


A change of location releases special energies and is perfect for gathering new impressions and inspiration.

New stimuli create new connections in your brain. This gets your mind going and makes your brain faster, more efficient and more creative.

By nature, your brain constantly wants to learn. If you feed it new impressions and information, it rewards you and makes you happy and satisfied. (Dopamine is released.)

The bottom line: regular changes of location boost your brain's performance. When combined with continuing education, a change of scenery acts as a booster to your creative and cognitive abilities.